Service reliability is extremely important. We will often turn down business rather than disrupt a regularly scheduled customer. In exchange we must request that you give us minimum of 24 hours advance notice (Monday clients must call before noon on the previous Friday), IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE YOUR APPONTMENT FOR ANY REASON. Our business number, 615-988-0703, is available to you at all times. Failure to provide adequate notice will result in a $30 late cancellation fee. If the team arrives at your home and you forgot to leave the door open, leave a key or the team needs to leave without cleaning for any reason that is due to the fault of the client, you will be charged 50% of your regular cleaning cost, plus taxes. Our employees are paid by the hour and this fee is necessary to cover their cost. Most of our customers do entrust us with a key to their home, a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our company does offer a 100% guarantee on all of our cleaning services. However, if too much time has passed, there is no way of knowing what caused the issue. Therefore any necessary concerns must be reported to our office within 24 hours of the cleaning date for resolution by one of our cleaning staff members.

Any returned check will result in a $30 service charge.

Should any member of your household require the use of syringes, please insure that they are disposed of safely. Any secure container like a coffee can, can be used to store used syringes and/or needles prior to final disposal. Any unexpected stab by an insecure needle can pose serious health concerns to our staff.

If someone is sick at your home please notify us and we will reschedule your cleaning.

Please be sure that any confidential or potentially illegal documents or substances are put away before the cleaning team arrives.

In order to provide quality service, it is helpful to have the home picked up of any clutter before we arrive. This allows for a much more thorough and complete cleaning. Also, during the summer and winter months, please keep your home at a comfortable and appropriate temperature.

We love pets and are happy to work around them. It is helpful if you provide us with their names if we will have any sort of interaction with them during a cleaning. Any aggressive pets need to be secured during the time that we are in your home.

All of our employees are instructed not to touch any areas containing bodily fluids, excretions, and litter boxes. If your pet has an accident or vomits, you will need to take care of it. Cleaning crews will only clean around it. Our employees are also limited in the work they are able to do. They cannot lift anything over 20 lbs. Small tables can be moved and cleaned under but if a piece of furniture is of a substantial weight, or contains electronics or other fragile items, it will not be moved. Our employees are also limited to climbing no higher than a step ladder. Ceiling fans and other items that cannot be reached with a stick duster while standing on a small step ladder will not be cleaned.

We work hard to make sure no damage occurs during your cleanings, but accidents do happen. Our staff is instructed to let us know immediately if damage to any item occurs during a cleaning. We will then notify you immediately to discuss the appropriate steps. OrganiClean reserves the right to repair or replacement before settling monetarily. If you notice anything in your home that is damaged, and you have not heard from us, please notify us within 48 hours of service. OrganiClean is not responsible for items that have been improperly installed or for items that fall under normal wear and tear. All surfaces, including flooring, tile, marble, granite, etc are assumed to be properly sealed and able to be cleaned with a solution that is appropriate for that particular material.

Our company values our cleaners. All employees have signed a non-Compete Agreement with OrganiClean. They are prohibited from soliciting business from any client during or following their employment with OrganiClean. We put a great deal of time and resources into each member of our staff. If you feel you must hire one of our crew members in spite of their agreement, there will be a $2700 placement fee due immediately.

Our employees are given time off for many of the major holidays. This includes New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. If your cleaning falls on one of these Holidays, we will contact you to reschedule your cleaning. If you have a specific request for the rescheduling you should contact our office as early as possible so that we may try to reserve that spot for you.

In severe conditions, we will determine whether it is safe to travel to your home. If we feel it is unsafe, we will do our best to reschedule your service.

If you have special requests, please notify our office in advance so that we may allow the time needed for those requests to be covered during your cleaning. Most times, extra charges will apply.

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