Cancellation Policy

We understand that just like us, you have busy lives with schedules that can sometimes be less-than-predictable, and we are more than happy to work with you when you need to make a change to your cleaning time. If given enough notice, we can do so without it costing either of us.

However, a last-minute change to our schedule can be costly to our bottom-line. We’d much prefer to be paid for our spectacular cleaning services, but once we’ve built a schedule and/or dispatched employees to a house, we have no choice but to charge something.

The fee will be 25% of your bill when notice of a cancellation is given less than 48 hours in advance, or 50% of the bill if notice is given less than 24 hours before the cleaning.

We hope you understand why this is necessary, and that we never have to make use of it. As always, we are very willing to work with you as much as possible, as long as you give us enough notice.

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